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Normandy Village

Utility Co-Op Inc.
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**POSSIBLE – Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – Extremely large tree being removed by a professional company – Crane will be parked at or near Normandy Village Elementary – Time Planned is for the morning – in the event the roots or heavy equipment was to damage the water main. there is a possibility for a water outage. Morning hours for contractor 7:00 AM To Noon – If all goes well.

*Planned* – someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs ran over the fire hydrant at Joffre and fouraker. This will require a new hydrant valve and any other device found to be damaged. It it is felt that the water outage would be from three (3) to four (4) hours. Bear in mind , this is dependent upon what the underground utility company finds once the damaged one is removed. Planned date is August 3, 2022/ Wednesday / morning hours 7:00 AM to Noon if all goes well.

Precaution: if the water goes off, then please follow the “Boil water policy” until lab tests are pulled as required.

Before the listed dates, set aside water for use. Remember times vary depending upon the work and any issues encountered along the way. Thank you

*UPDATE* Work on the fire hydrant and associated valves extensively damaged by someone that appeared a driver who appeared under the influence of drugs is progressing nicely. Your water services should be operating properly. Underground utility contractor is attempting to set back the hydrant a little further from the street for future protection/


Currently, due to Covid-19 virus, no one is permitted inside the office. Transactions are handled via an improvised exterior walk-up site. Thank you.

Establish Service

To establish service, an application with paperwork establishing you are authorized to have service on for you, identification, and a deposit is required.

June 20, 2022

You have been mailed the Annual Water Quality Report (CCR) as required by law.


General Information

After service is established, YOU ARE BILLED MONTHLY.  Information regarding due dates, disconnect times is on the reverse side of your bill.
As a rule of thumb, your payment is always due on the 12th and the last date to pay without penalty is the 15th of the month before 5:00 PM.

Smoke Testing Notice

This is Notification that over the coming months, we will be conducting smoke testing throughout the area. This is to detect any areas in the sewer system that may be allowing any water to enter into the system.

This will also detect any areas in homes where your sewer pipes may have issues outside or if you have missing caps on your sewer clean out.

If the smoke comes into your home, that is your alert that the traps in your water fixtures have failed.  If the smoke exits the pipe on top of your house, that says your internal fixture traps are good.  This smoke is non-toxic. Placards will be placed in the areas of testing.  There will not be a notice delivered to each home.

If the smoke comes up from a storm drain that will show there is a tie in that will have to be eliminated as only sewage can enter the sewer piping legally.  If smoke comes up from an open area, such as where a house has been demolished, that is where we have an open sewer connection and it must be eliminated.  

About Us 

A regional water & wastewater utility on the westside of Jacksonville established by the developers in 1958 and now serving the neighborhoods of Normandy Village, Springwood, Springleaf, Longleaf Forest North.

We are an equal opportunity employer-provider. Financing by USDA Rural Development.




(904) 781-1194 (24 Hour Number)


(904) 781-0537

Office Hours

M-F 9 – 5 

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