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Normandy Village

Utility Co-Op Inc.
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**Please notify us or the authorities if your observe semi or large hauling trucks parking in the neighborhood. We can try to prevent damages.


Transactions are handled by an exterior walk-up site. Wednesdays the office is closed for internal operations. However, appointments can be made by phone in advance to meet with you. If it is the last day to pay, the office would remain open.

Establish Service

To establish service, an application with paperwork establishing you are authorized to have service on for you, identification, and a deposit is required.

June 20, 2023

You have been mailed the Annual Water Quality Report (CCR) as required by law.


General Information

After service is established, YOU ARE BILLED MONTHLY.  Information regarding due dates, disconnect times is on the reverse side of your bill.
As a rule of thumb, your payment is always due on the 12th and the last date to pay without penalty is the 15th of the month before 5:00 PM.

INI- Ongoing

We continue inspecting manholes, sewer lines, clean out caps and other devices in connection with wastewater for the evaluations/repairs needed by the utility and for the regulatory agencies. We want to thank those individuals that have moved fences or other items that were restricting inspections. This is a long and continued process.

About Us 

A regional water & wastewater utility on the westside of Jacksonville established by the developers in 1958 and now serving the neighborhoods of Normandy Village, Springwood, Springleaf, Longleaf Forest North.

We are an equal opportunity employer-provider. Financing by USDA Rural Development.

Water and Sewer Rates

Meter Size Monthly Consumption Water Charge Sewer Charge
5/8″ Base No Usage $15.00 $30.00

1″ Base No Usage $28.55 $36.59

After Base is Applied Water Charge Sewer Charge
Next 400 CF @ $1.50 per CCF $2.50 Per CCF

Next 400 CF @ $2.25 per CCF $3.25 Per CCF

All Overage @ $3.25 per CCF $4.25 Per CCF
4-1-22 This is the rate increase enacted after a six month interim rate was placed into effect due to increased costs. Since September 2021, reviews have been taken of all items associated with the utility operations. Some chemicals have increased by 15% to 25% and all other costs including electricity, pumps, motors and all other equipment have increased. The rate will increase the customer bills by $6.00 a month.
The formula is 4.75% of sewer charge plus a flat $12.00 and will be listed in the environmental/new rules, regulations column.




(904) 781-1194 (24 Hour Number)


(904) 781-0537

Office Hours

Open – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9 to 5


Closed on Wednesday – Internal Operations – Note- 15th of any month falling on a Wednesday the office would remain open